Delivery Return Payment

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    Standart delivery

    • FREE DELIVERY from 59.99 EUR
    • Standart price: 5.99 EUR

    • 2 to 31 working days after sending the package

    • EUROPE usually 7 days
    • USA and CANADA usually 14 days
    • AUSTRALIA usually 18 days
    • ROMANIA and GREECE usually 2 days
    • BULGARIA usually 1 day
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    Deutsche post *Unavailable

    • Price: 9.99 EUR

    • 4 to 14 working days after sending the package!

    • EUROPE usually 4 days
    • USA and CANADA usually 9 days
    • AUSTRALIA usually 10 days
  • tiarashop

    DHL/UPS 1-Day Super fast

    • Price: 29.99 EUR

    • 1 to 3 working days after sending the package!

    • EUROPE usually 1 days
    • USA and CANADA usually 2 days
    • AUSTRALIA usually 2 days
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    Fast dispatch

    Handing time is 0 - 3 working days, usually same or next day!

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    Tracking shipment

    Each order has a tracking number of the shipment, regardless of the chosen method of delivery. You will receive in your email link for tracking.

  • tiarashop

    30-Days Return

    Take back products within 30 days in the original condition and packaging! We refund payment without shipping cost to 3 days. If you want to return a product please contact us via the contact form on the site. RETURN ADDRESS: for TIARA SHOP, 130 Tsar Simeon Street., 1303 Sofia, Bulgaria

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    You can pay your order through the system of PAYPAL. Needs to be registered in PayPal. PayPal guarantee 100% security of your payment and delivery of products.

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    You can pay by bank transfer in any bank making payment through a payment order to our bank account. Detailed information on bank details will get after choosing this method of payment.

  • tiarashop


    You can pay using your credit or debit card through virtual terminal post held SSL secured by MyPos or PAYPAL. No need registration. If you choose PAYPAL method, after open PAYPAL look for second option for directly card payment.