Men's T-shirt Sleeveless Viscose Lord 381

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Men's T-shirt Sleeveless Viscose Lord 381

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A proposal of Bulgarian underwear Lord, sleeveless men's T-shirt, which differs from all others available in several colors. Matter for its production include in its composition a high percentage viscose and elastane. Shirt stands on the male body and outlines a compelling way the forms of male breasts and belly. The pattern in the shoulders and armholes is selected so that visually expands the chest of men. The fabric is extremely soft to the male skin. Is eradicated any possibility of fermentation. The composition of the colors of the shirt not use items that could cause irritation or burning of male skin. Sleeveless T-shirt can be worn as a coat or underwear. It is suitable for training in the gym and to spend Sunday at home with friends. Strength sleeves and neckline are reinforced with beats. With T-shirt, the man feels comfortable and safe. It is the fruit of the latest fashion trends. Sleeveless shirt for men who want to show the best of themselves.

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